Saturday, January 31, 2009

Few articles on the porkulus package

We HAVE to do everything we can to stop this thing. I'm sending messages saying fight with everything you have in your power to cut as much pork from the bill, then when it's pared down as much as possible, vote against it anyway.

Here are a few article links to give you an overview of the variety of views on this thing. On the last story re: Democrat poll finds voters like the stimulus... that flies in the face of every poll I've seen or heard about. I haven't read the article, but I have a feeling they asked a question that led to the answer they wanted.

Wash. Times: Obama: Nation can't afford bickering over stimulus

NYT: Stimulus Plan Encounters Stiff Resistance in Senate

Politico: Schumer: We'll get to 60

LAT: Obama turns to e-mail network to push stimulus plan

The Hill: Democratic poll finds voters like stimulus

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