Thursday, March 12, 2009

One Week Until AFP-GA Day at the Capitol and GA Taxpayer Rally!

Next Thursday, March 19, we have a great day planned at the Capitol. First, we’ll hear from Secretary of State Karen Handel, take tours of the Capitol, and learn to lobby for the most underrepresented group in America – the taxpayers!

At 11, we’ll gather on the front steps of the Capitol for a GA Taxpayer Rally. Bring your friends, bring your posters, and bring your message to state lawmakers – NO New Taxes!

In these difficult economic times, the last thing we need is any new tax, yet lawmakers are looking for ways to raise revenues. Let’s tell them that we want smaller government instead and right now is the perfect time to downsize. This event is free and open to the public.

Poster contest! We’ll sponsor a poster contest during the rally. Prizes will be awarded for "Best Looking poster," "Most Original poster," and "Best Kid poster" – made by someone under 16 years old. We may add other categories, so be artful! Be in front of the Washington Street Capitol entrance at 11:00am sharp to be eligible for the contest. Prizes will be gift cards from merchants.

Then at Noon, join us at the Top of the Slop (Empire Room, Sloppy Floyd Building) for a catered lunch featuring a super lineup of speakers on fiscal issues – House Speaker Glenn Richardson, Senators Chip Rogers and David Shafer, Representatives Mike Coan, Tom Graves, Jan Jones, and Austin Scott. Subjects include the JOBS Act (that so many of you supported this week through our Action Alert,) zero-based budgeting, property assessment caps, education funding, and other topics.

There is a $25 charge for lunch, which covers our costs. RSVP here.
Or e-mail here if you need further information.


There is NO CHARGE for the Taxpayer Rally at 11 AM on the Capitol steps.

Bring posters, but not on stakes – the Capitol Police will confiscate them.

Do bring picture ID but do not carry weapons, including pocket knives, when entering the Capitol Building or the Sloppy Floyd Building.

Invite your friends to join us for the Taxpayer Rally.

Stay tuned - next week we’ll update you on the tax revolt in SE GA, the upcoming Hot Air Tour, and a national video contest!

Jared Thomas
State Director
Amerians for Prosperity

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