Thursday, March 12, 2009

This thing with Great Britain is really bothering me

I spent a number of years as a child in Great Britain. I started school there. I had a British accent that unfortunately I tried to get rid of so I'd "fit" when I came back to the States. My brother lived there as an adult for 7 or 8 years and ultimately married a Brit. Our family has friends over there that we keep up with.

I feel connected.

I think even without those ties I'd feel connected. They have been our ally and staunch supporter through thick and thin over the years.

Now, for whatever reason, Mr. Obama and his staff are "disrespecting" this great ally.

It makes no sense. None.

There is not a strategic benefit that I can see to thumbing our noses at the Brits.

I don't believe that the Obama staff was taken off-guard by the visit. They didn't ditch everyone who understood protocol when the new group took over... did they? That's not typical if they did and it's definitely not a good idea.

It's just common sense to be nice to anyone who comes to visit, especially someone who actually LIKES us.

Yesterday I heard Sir somebody-or-other (didn't catch his name unfortunately) in the British Treasury saying on the tube that he can't even get someone in our Treasury Department to answer his calls. They're planning for a big event at the next G8 Summit and there is a lot of coordination going on. We're not returning the guy's calls. He said this has NEVER happened before and it's not happening with any of the other G8 counterparts.

Incompetence? Deliberate disrespect? Attitude? Misguided snobbery?

What is the long-term goal with our Presidential treatment of Great Britain?

I can just picture the convesation the day Prime Minister Gordon Brown was due:
"Oh gee, we're supposed to give them a gift, aren't we?"
"Hey, anyone have anything they can loan us?"
"Uh, well, I was going to donate this bunch of DVD's to the Shelter down the street, will they work? They haven't been opened."
"Great, now doesn't he have kids? What do little girls like? Anyone?"
"Shoot, who cares, grab a couple of helicopters from the White House gift shop, all kids like things like that, don't they? Charge it to Bill's account over there."

Shameful. I'm embarrassed for our country.

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