Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Obama told us what he was going to do

Since January 20th we've been bombarded with change. It seems that Obama is determined to toss everything we as Americans have believed in and practiced into the air. He's swatting some away into the nether regions, some he's letting splat onto the ground, ruined, and the rest he's catching, turning up-side-down, shredding, changing or handing over to the world for their playing pleasure.

I don't see how anyone who voted for him can complain. He told us all exactly what he intended to do when he ran for office. Unfortunately, most who voted for him either didn't pay attention, taking style over substance, or they didn't think he'd be able to do what he said. After all, most politicians don't do a fraction of what they promise.

This time it's different. He has a Democratic Congress that is giving him exactly what he wants, if not more.

[I started to write "the latest issue" but realized by the time I finished typing there would probably be another one or ten or fifty issues coming at us... So...] Yesterday we got word that our military was going to be even further undermined than suggested during Obama's first few months in office. Our government, who 'loves our military', is going to decimate their ability to fight.

Obama and his policies are weakening us in the eyes of the world and more importantly, in the eyes of terrorists. What is it with Democrats and military budgets? Every time we get a Dem in office they slash military spending. Then something comes up that stretches the military to the nth degree, a Republican comes in, shores up their resources... and the cycle continues.

In these days, as terrorists work across the world to kill and maim, it's ridiculous to undermine our capacity to respond quickly and appropriately.

Obama's statements in Europe suggesting and stating in various ways that we are weak certainly doesn't make me feel warm and secure.

It is so frustrating to sit here in my office reading and hearing the constant barrage of change that is ultimately going to destroy our culture. I plan to join the Tea Party, which may help me feel like I'm doing something. If we elect a sufficient number of Republicans in the 2010 elections that may help curb some of the changes, and even give us the means to reverse some of the changes Obama is enacting.

I have concerns about the honesty of future elections given other changes being made in D.C., but I'll save that for another rant.

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Clearly, the “no nukes” policy is one close to the president’s heart. The Prague speech even carried echoes of that most famous of all Obama speeches, the one he made after losing the New Hampshire primary. “There are those who hear talk of a world without nuclear weapons and doubt whether it is worth setting a goal that seems impossible,” Continue reading…

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