Monday, March 22, 2010

Bert Loftman, MD, Candidate for US Congress GA-9 on Obamacare:

On Sunday, March 21, the US House or Representatives legislated a momentous change to our health care delivery system. They abandoned our American Heritage where individuals chose their doctors, hospitals, and treatments and that brought us the best medical care in the world. This legislation takes us to a European system where the Federal Government will make the choices. It is a convoluted bill that will take place over the next ten years. I have signed The Club for Growth “repeal it” pledge and will honor this pledge. However, I am pessimistic that this will be successful. Just as the entitlements of Social Security and Medicare are untouchable, I believe this will also be untouchable.

This is because America has too many dependent people who vote for a large government. This happens because the income tax and Federal Reserve Bank rob Americans of their savings. People without savings are dependent and need a big government to care for them. Replacing the income tax with the FairTax and controlling the Federal Reserve Bank will return the savings to the American people. Only then will we be able to phase out the entitlement programs. Putting the money back into the pocket of the people will give us a healthy America.

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