Monday, March 22, 2010

Karen Handel, Candidate GA Gov on Healthcare:

Yesterday was a very dark day for our nation. President Obama and the Democrats in Congress laid the foundation for a massive growth in the size of government and an unprecedented level of intrusion in our lives.

For those asking "what can be done?" in the face of the passage of Obamacare, I suggest this: The State of Georgia must explore every legal option to stop this government take over of health care and we must defeat lawmakers who voted for this and put Republicans back in control in the Congress.

We also must elect a Republican Governor who will stand firm against federal mandates, and government intrusion into the lives of Georgians. We are going to have to fight this in the courts, as well as at the ballot box, and I am the only candidate for Governor who has a proven record of doing just that.

I have a strong record of taking on the tough challenges and getting things done. My "Bring it On" attitude is one of the reasons so many are joining my campaign for Governor. Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines. Now is not the time to throw up our hands and accept defeat. The time is now to stand up and say, "We are not going to take it anymore."

As Secretary of State, I fought democrats over Photo ID and won. I battled the Obama Justice Department over proof of citizenship to vote and my successor is continuing in my footsteps in that battle.

As your next Governor, I will take the fight to them. The next governor better be more than a career politician who has cast a lot of votes. We need a strong, tenacious governor who knows what it's like to battle against the odds … and WIN. I am that leader … I will be that Governor.

I know how devastating this legislation will be to our economy, our state, and our nation. I will continue to speak out. I will exhaust every legal option, and I will fight this massive government program every step of the way.

Will you join me? We must stand together today.

The vote last night IS a wake-up call for America. Join me in this fight.

As your next Governor, I will provide the conservative leadership we need to push back against President Obama and the Democrats in Washington. Their agenda will not stop at health care. It will not stop at raising taxes. Cap and trade. Immigration reform. Card check. We need a Governor who is committed to standing up for the conservative principles that you and I share.

Join me today, and together we will draw the line in the sand. Join me in saying "Bring it On" to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the liberal Democrats.

The time is now for us to stand united for our conservative principles and against the Washington DC take-over of health care and our economy.

Karen Handel
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