Thursday, March 25, 2010

Updates on GA Dome actions via South Atl Tea Party

Usually I share news from Tea Party groups in our GFP Tea Party / 912 Project blog... however, this one concerns Georgians and I wanted to make sure my readers were aware:

The Good, Bad and the Ugly Under The Gold Dome

Some Bad News

HB 1221 was amended yesterday to add a massive new internet sales tax, with a price tag of $30 million. What is it about “No New Taxes” the Ways & Means Committee doesn’t get? As of this writing, the substitute bill wasn’t up online yet, but should be soon. Meanwhile, many hospitals have dropped their opposition to HB 307.

The downright Ugly news

GA Attorney General Thurbert Baker refuses to file suit for Georgians to protect them from the just passed federal takeover of healthcare! Sign this GA AG petition today. Baker plans to run for Governor this year – let’s tell him what GA thinks of government run healthcare. It’s his duty to take action on behalf of Georgians who want to opt out! We will hold a press conference to present these petitions, so please sign, then share this with your lists!

Some good news, finally…

HB 236, the GA Government Accountability Act has passed through the Appropriations Committee and is moving toward a vote on the House Floor Friday. AFPGA members have responded to our Action Alert on HB 236 and asked for support of this bill. If you are available this Friday morning at 9:30, please meet in front of the Secretary of State’s office to help us lobby this bill through the House!

Why is HB 236 an AFPGA priority? We have long advocated for Zero Based Budgeting, where government agencies must justify every dollar spent and even their existence as a taxpayer funded entity on a regular basis. This bill accomplishes that. It may be combined in some way with a SB 1, but as long as we avoid squabbles about who gets credit, we should be able to get this done.

A vote for HB 236 will separate the “men from the boys” in the Legislature and show who truly is a fiscal conservative. Anyone who opposes is voting for less government accountability and a continuation of inefficiency. This bill was needed in good economic times, even more so now. As the economy improves, this bill will help control government spending growth. AFPGA considers this one of the most important bills of the Session. If you can’t come lobby in person and have not emailed your State Rep., please do it now using our easy Action Alert system.

Note: no links were included in this, so I'd encourage you to visit their website to find out more info, find the petition mentioned, etc.:

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