Monday, August 02, 2010

Using the Bibb County Republican Party's name to trash Republicans...

Just a comment or two on a now Nathan Deal supporter using the name of the Bibb County Republican Party to trash Karen Handel... Maurice Atkinson is doing exactly what he accused Karen of doing but with a dirty, contemptible twist.

He is using the name of the Bibb Republican Party to support Deal and attack Handel, with a mean, nasty underhanded streak showing throughout.

For those who aren't a member of a local Republican Party, as a rule or maybe it's a real rule, the Party's stay out of endorsing one Republican over another. They know that once the primary is over, or the run-off in this case, that they'll be jumping on board to support whoever wins. It's bad politics, bad form and burns bridges to trash one candidate.

Mr. Atkinson is making his personal views appear to be the views of the entire Bibb County Republican Party.

If he wants to trash any candidate it should be done under his own name. I noted there was nothing about this issue on his own personal website.

I did a whois search on the Republican website he has utilized and discovered he purchased the site back in 2007. Here's the disclaimer on his site, emphasis mine:

All material on this site except where noted © 2008-2009 Maurice Atkinson. hosted and provided by Maurice Atkinson as a service to the Bibb County Republican Party. This site is not to be construed as an endorsement by the BCRP. The BCRP does not control the content of this site. At ....we do not sell or exchange names or any information about our clients or online customers with third parties. All information we receive is kept strictly confidential. By visiting and utilizing any and all features of our website, you consent to the use of your personal information by....

This is wrong on every front. He may not like what Handel is doing, but to co-opt, steal, use the name of a Republican organization to throw mud at her, or any Republican candidate, is low, low, low. To be so vicious shows HIS true nature.

I read Atkinson's letter, which I'm sure Deal's campaign will be spreading around throughout the week, and what I "got" from it was sour grapes. Handel's campaign didn't listen to Atkinson's advice, he disagrees with some of their strategy, and now he's off on a rant and doing his best to emulate exactly those things he said he didn't like. Not once in the letter does Atkinson address the ethical charges against Deal in the letter. All he does is slap at Handel, which is exactly what he's accusing Handel of doing to Deal...

Maurice Atkinson has stooped to tactics that are lower than anything he accuses Handel's campaign of considering or doing by using the name of a local Republican Party and by sending a nasty letter to the press and the world.

If I were a member of the Bibb County Republican Party I'd be slapping Atkinson with a cease and desist, and that fake website, even with it's disclaimers, would be down within the hour.

And no, I'm not sharing his letter on here or anywhere. I hesitated to even write anything about it as I don't like to give attention to trash, but the letter and his attacks are going to be making the rounds...


Shelly Chandler said...

I'm repeating a post because I couldn't see the verification letters before.

Yeah and he put a fluff story about Nathan Deal on his website and when writing about Nathan's ethics charges, he stated that Nathan's business only provided the space for inspectors to do their job and that Nathan didn't make any money off of the deal. This "prominent Republican" either hasn't taken the time to read the charges against Deal or he's trying to gloss it all over. The US House of Rrepresentatives full report on Nathan's ethics charges has been released and shows the facts of Nathan Deal's ethics charges. The report's conclusion (Quote): " The Office of Congressional Ethics does not take a position on Rep. Deal’s motivations for inserting himself into discussions of potential modifications to a state vehicle inspection program. However, during operation of the previous vehicle inspection system, Rep. Deal received a significant financial benefit as a Gainesville Salvage partner and corporate officer. It is undisputed that as a “public servant” Rep. Deal took active steps to preserve a purely state program, one that had generated financial benefit for Rep. Deal and his business partner, Ken Cronan. Further, while taking these steps, Rep. Deal used resources of the House of Representatives. The Office of Congressional Ethics Board recommends further review by the Committee of Standards of Official Conduct."

In other words, stay tuned, it ain't over yet.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... The Bibb GOP has never contributed a dime or provided any content at anytime. has been a service provided to ALL Bibb County Republicans and funded wholly by mwah. I've also utilized the site to promote non-partisan activist opporunities.

The last time I checked we still had a 1st amendment which guarantees the right of free speech. If you don't like it, sue. BRING IT ON!