Friday, March 26, 2010

AFP-GA To Launch Plan for Conservative Win in 2010 with Hundreds of Activists at Summit Tomorrow

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We're only ONE DAY AWAY! The Defending the American Dream Summit kicks off tomorrow at the Cobb Galleria Centre with a day long gathering of conservative grassroots activists from around the southeast for a strategic launch toward reclaiming Congress with a conservative majority and reversing far-reaching initiatives like government mandated health care in 2010. The Summit arrives just weeks away from the qualifying deadline for candidates seeking to run.

The Summit will include speeches by Congressman Tom Price sharing his prescription for America moving forward under government health care, Neal Boortz, Herman Cain, Martha Zoller, Erick Erickson, Jonathan Krohn, Joel Aaron, Brian Donagan and Joe Turner. Training sessions will concentrate on winning campaigns, using new and traditional media, education reform along with a report on Georgia’s budget crisis and how to make Georgia stronger in an era of a growing national government. Breakout sessions will be led by experts from The Leadership Institute, Americans for Prosperity, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, Faith & Freedom Coalition and others.

For press inquiries please contact Joel Foster at 678-910-3101 or For more information on the Defending the American Dream Summit visit; (Note: that's a Facebook link, if you're not on facebook, try this & see if it'll work: -- might need a www. in there) .

Americans For Prosperity Foundation (AFPF) is a nationwide organization of citizen leaders committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFPF believes reducing the size and scope of government is the best safeguard to ensuring individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans. AFPF educates and engages citizens in support of restraining state and federal government growth, and returning government to its constitutional limits. AFPF has more than 975,000 members, including members in all 50 states, and 30 state chapters and affiliates. More than 60,000 Americans in all 50 states have made a financial investment in AFPFoundation and Americans for Prosperity. For more information, visit

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